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PLS® Loan Store

Quick cash when you need it.

When you need extra cash to get you through, it’s a lot
easier to borrow from a friend. And that’s exactly how
we treat you at PLS Loan Store.

Sit down with a friend.

When you visit PLS Loan Store for a short-term loan, you
get the cash you need right away. Anytime you face unexpected expenses, your friends at PLS Loan Store are there to help, with the fast  cash and friendly service you deserve.

A loan from a PLS Loan Store can be the best solution to your short-term cash needs:

For emergency expenses

A short-term loan from PLS Loan Store can help you pay for emergencies such as car or household repairs, medical bills or other surprise expenses.

Avoid late fees or service cancellations

Late bill payments can result in late fees or service cancellations. A short-term loan from PLS Loan Store can help you make your bill payments on time, and avoid expensive and inconvenient problems.

No traditional credit check required

Short-term loans from PLS Loan Store don’t require time-consuming traditional credit checks, so you can get the cash you need quickly no matter what your credit rating is.

Because You Deserve Better®

There’s no need to worry about whether your loan will be approved. At PLS Loan Store, nearly all loans are approved. Your friends at PLS Loan Store are here to help when you need it most.

Click here to find your nearest PLS Loan Store location or call 855-85-MY PLS (855-856-9757) for more information.

PLS Loan Store operates in Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Texas* and Wisconsin.

*PLS Loan Store of Texas, Inc. is a licensed credit access business, pursuant to Chapter 393 of the Texas Finance Code. Loans are offered by a third party lender not affiliated with PLS, and are subject to lender’s underwriting and credit approval. Texas Fee Schedule & OCCC Notice